About us

Your Chi-Plates® are hand made.
Chi-Plates® don't come from a factory. They are not slick and shiny.
They look home-made, because they are home made ! :-)
Each set is different.
Each set is put together slowly with love and care. 

I sit and  put them together myself - in my living room.
I buy the silk, the local tailor shop near my house sews them to my specifications.
The copper plates are cut in a small shop in Mongkok Hong Kong by Mr Kuu a retired airplane mechanic.
I strip the cables, thread it all together.
The silk comes from wherever I can find 'energy conductive' silk. My favourite place is a small silk weaving community near Bangkok's Siam Square.

To help humanity help itself, using the natural self-healing properties of the body.
To make the principles of Chi-Plates® known to all.
To increase the knowledge of human natural energy systems.
Make Chi-Plates® available to all.

To give access to energy balancing tools to everyone.
To make Chi-Plates® available to everyone who wants to use them.
To Provide Do-It-Yourself information on how to make your own Chi-Plates®.

To help people create their own 'energy blancing tools' such as Chi-Plates®.

Make your own
Plans on how to make your own Chi-Plates® ....here

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