Power Nap Chi-Plates®

Lie down on two Chi-Plates - power-nap - wake refreshed !

Power Nap Chi-Plates® help you sleep.

Power NapChi-Plates
put you to sleep and balance the natural energy flow in your body.
You lie on two copper plates.  -  One under your head, one under your butt.
Grab the handles, and fall into a lovely power-nap.
Wake up about 20minutes later and feel refreshed.

That's it. For most people. But because everyone is different, they react differently. Some people feel little or nothing.

I've been using them since 1989 and they have been great when I was too tired to go to that party/meeting/dinner after work,
jet-lag,  after an all night flight
trouble sleeping
a quick secret power-nap at work ;-)

Chi-Plates®  don't use electricity, no battery, nothing high tech.
The energy of your own body balances itself using the copper as a pipe between the higher and low energy areas of your body.