Chi-Plates® make use of the natural polarity of the body.
The polarities of the body were discovered by Leon E. Eeman in the early 1900's. He then developed what he called 'polarity screens' which are the basis of Chi-Plates®
The knowledge has been public since the 1930's for everyone to construct their own copper plates and help themselves and others.

Who invented Chi-Plates® ?

A British pilot called Leon E. Eeman crashed in World War I. He was declared permanently and totally disabled by the Air Force.

He couldn't find anyone to help him.
He payed, thought and eventually noticed the natural flow of energies in his body.
From this he makde something called 'polarity screens' to help the flow.
Eventually he cured himself and went on to write books, lecture, heal others and develop his discovery further.
There is no patent, no proprietary right. The principles of Eeman's discovery have been public since his discovery.
The principles of Chi-Plates® for sale here, are those discovered by Leon E. Eeman and have been public knowledge since the ~1930's.
This knowledge is for everyone to help themselves and others.

Any side-effects ?

Chi-Plates® put most poeople to sleep and give them a refreshing power nap.
Some people say they feel uncomfortable. If that is the case: stop using Chi-Plates® and send us feedback.

Pregnant ?

We have no idea about the effects of Chi-Plates® and pregnancy.  It may help, it may now, we simply don't know. You are free to use your commonsense and take responsibilty for your choices. If you are looking for advice from us, we will have to say: 'don't use them if you are pregnant', simply to be on the 'safe side'.

How often can I use Chi-Plates® ?

Chi-Plates® are for the occasional 'pick-me-up' not as a permanent subsitute for lack of sleep or other problems. Use your commonsense, be reasonable and if in doubt or discomfort stop, and ask a health practitioner. See disclaimer.